Lake Charm Primary School



We are a small rural school. Located in the heart of Lake Charm, 19km North-West of Kerang and situated on the Murray Valley Hwy.

A school bus service transports the students from surrounding areas.
We provide an enjoyable, safe and caring environment that aims to develop values which encourage children to be active members of their community.

Our school provides an innovative curriculum that is focussed on the individual needs of each student. We embrace our community and local resources. All students are catered for and encouraged to do their best.

Student Learning revolves around Literacy and Numeracy. Physical Education, The Arts and Inquiry based learning supplements this. Additional activities include camps, performances, excursions and strong links with neighbouring schools.

Our program is enhanced through collaboration with local schools, enhancing student relationships in preparation for secondary school and through conducting regular transition days for pre-schoolers.

The school has large, attractive, well-maintained facilities that we encourage the whole school community to take pride in. This is enhanced by our award winning vegetable gardens and the close nature of the Kerang Lake’s system.

Our school is proud of our active School Council and Parent Body who guide and fundraise through the year.

We continue to improve Student Learning by extending our application of Learning Technologies across the curriculum. Students have access to 1:1 laptops, iPads, Interactive Whiteboards and a webex system that enhances Student Learning through videoconferencing.

Like to help us raise much needed funds? check out our fundraising page located in News & Information