Principal Welcome

Lake Charm Primary promotes and develops the values of respect, responsibility, tolerance, honesty and co-operation in a school environment where excellence is the expectation of all teachers, students and parents. We believe in the importance of building positive relationships between teachers, students, families and community, and a sense of being part of the Lake Charm Primary School family.
Lake Charm Primary School is a remote, rural school. In 2020 the school enrolment is 8. Enrolments have slowly declined for a number of years, which is a reflection of the local demographics. The staff were the same as in 2019. The students are taught by two teachers, one 0.6 teacher and the acting principal. The part time teacher works for three days a week. The principal works in the senior room and teaches all classes for two days. For three mornings (Literacy and Numeracy blocks) the school runs a junior room and a senior room. All students were combined for afternoon activities. A school bus service transports students.
We provide an enjoyable, safe and caring environment and aim to develop values that assist children to understand and participate effectively in society. We provide a comprehensive differentiated curriculum incorporating all areas of the Victorian Curriculum, including a quality Indonesian LOTE program.
All children are catered for and encouraged to do their best. Success in their efforts is a prime motivator. Physical activities are part of our daily routine. Additional activities include camps, performances, excursions, clubs, book parade, cultural events and visiting specialists. Our program is enhanced through the participation with other district schools in combined sports, swimming, cultural activities, camps etc and our active participation in the Top Paddock small rural schools group, which regularly meets for professional learning/sharing, as well as providing welfare value for teaching staff. The school has continued to focus on creating and maintaining links with community bodies. We continue to improve student learning by extending the application of Learning Technologies across the curriculum. The school has large, well-maintained facilities that we encourage the whole school community to enjoy.